High-Quality Poultry Processing Equipment

Over 100 years of combined experience in the poultry industry

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We at Phoenix Innovations Inc. manufacture only the highest quality equipment for the protein industry concentrating in several categories including:

  • Poultry Injection
  • Heat Transfer and Exchange
  • Whole-bird Chilling
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Mechanical/Electrical Parts
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Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger



Sanitary Pump


Nate Harrison


Nate has 22 years of sales and leadership experience in the poultry industry with companies like ConAgra Poultry, GoldKist Farms, and C.A.T Inc. He specializes in sales process and culture creation.

Luke Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Luke is the leading authority on bird chilling and yield optimization through the bird chilling process with over 25 years of poultry industry experience.

Mike Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Growing up in the chicken business over 60 years, Mike Miller has been an unrivaled innovator in design and function of poultry processing equipment.

Dwight Curl

Vice President of Sales and Service

Dwight has 30 years sales experience in the poultry industry with companies such as Marel, Stork, and GainCo. He specializes in relationship building, sales processes, and providing value to his clients. Professionalism and knowledge of the sales process have helped Dwight succeed at the highest levels of the industry, and his practical knowledge make him valuable to every facility he walks into.

Darin Chancellor

Vice President Operations

Darin has spent the majority of his career working in manufacturing related to pressure vessels and sanitary food equipment. Darin has spent time in sales, product management, and field installation. His experience, over 30 years, brings unmatched relationship building and a commitment to producing the best food processing equipment in the World.

Trevor Nelson

Director of Products

Trevor has 34 years of experience across the gamut of injection. Coming from Maintenance, Sales, Division Manager, and Director. The world leader in optimizing needle injector performance.

Jacob Hill

Director of Engineering

Jacob’s calm demeanor and keen intellect make him the perfect fit to lead the engineering team at Phoenix Innovations. His practical experience, real-world common sense, and decision making ability work together to form an integral skill set that make Jacob very good at any task he takes on.

Derek Varvil

Director of Engineering

Derek leads the Phoenix engineering team by combining cutting edge software and technology with years of experience designing and overseeing the build processes of ASME pressure vessels. Derek adds invaluable knowledge of pressure vessels and code requirements to the Phoenix team.

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